2021-2022 Course Catalog

Programs of Study by Area

Richland Community College’s “Open Door” policy allows individuals who believe they may benefit from study at the College to enroll. Once students enroll, they have two possible routes.

First, students with diversified needs and interests who are not seeking degrees may take courses in a variety of areas. While these courses may also be part of particular programs, students may select courses that best fit their goals. The second route for students is a program of study. A program of study leads to the awarding of appropriate degrees or certificates.

A student enrolling in a program of study has several options:

  1. Baccalaureate/Transfer. The Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), and Associate in Engineering Science (AES) degree programs are designed for students planning to continue their formal education at a four-year university or upper-division college to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Those planning to pursue any majors within STEM or possibly education generally follow the AS program, while those in humanities or fine arts will generally seek the AA degree. Those planning to major in social science may select either the AA or AS curriculum. If the freshman and sophomore requirements cannot be satisfied within the framework of the AA or AS degree requirements for Richland Community College, Richland will consider the individual’s eligibility for the appropriate associate’s degree if a prior agreement has been made with the college/university to which the student plans to transfer into the program of study.
  2. Career and Technical Education. These offerings lead to Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree or certificates within the designated program.
  3. General Studies. These programs are individually structured by each student to meet specific interests or needs and lead to the awarding of the Associate in Liberal Studies (ALS) Degree or a basic certificate in a particular field.

All programs are designed to stimulate personal growth by offering a basic and/or advanced understanding of the concepts essential to competence in a particular field.

All programs are also designed to provide a broad education by making students aware of the world around them, by opening and stimulating students’ minds to initiate and welcome new ideas and techniques, and by providing a solid introduction to a marketable skill. To achieve these goals, all programs include courses of general interest as well as courses in an area of concentration.


Baccalaureate/Transfer Programs

Associate in Arts (AA)

Associate in Science (AS)

Associate in Fine Arts (AFA)

Associate in Engineering Science (AES)

Career & Technical Education Programs

Administrative Assistant
American Sign Language/Interpreting
Automotive Technology
Collision Repair Technology
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Diesel Medium/Heavy Truck Technology
Drafting and Design Engineering
Early Childhood Education
Emergency Medical Services
Engineering Technology
Forensic Phlebotomy
Health Information Technology
Healthcare Documentation
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Hospitality Management
Medical Assisting
Network Technology
Nurse Assistant/Aide (CNA)
Practical Nursing
Software Applications Programming
Surgical Technology
Welding Technology

General Studies Programs

Associate in Liberal Studies (ALS)

Basic Certificates