2021-2022 Course Catalog

Diesel Medium/Heavy Truck Technology

The Diesel Medium/Heavy Truck Technology program prepares students for entry-level positions and career advancement in the diesel truck industry. The maintenance and repair of the modern, more sophisticated diesel engines require highly-skilled mechanics. This program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to analyze, diagnose, maintain, and repair a variety of vehicular concerns related to diesel trucks, diesel drivability diagnosis, and the following diesel systems: electrical, fuel & emissions, engine & transmission, heating & air conditioning, drive train, suspension & steering, and brakes. Advanced diagnostic, maintenance, and repair tools are introduced. Students pursuing the AAS degree will gain real-world experience through internship opportunities in various shop environments.

This is a career and technical education program. Some of the courses may not transfer to four-year institutions.

Sample Job Titles

Senior Heavy Truck Technician, Steering & Suspension Specialist, Drive train Specialist, HVAC Specialist, Engine Repair Specialist, Performance Specialist, Transmission Specialist, Service Specialist

Available Degrees and Certificates