2020-2021 Course Catalog


Registration for classes at Richland takes place at scheduled times before the beginning of each semester. Class schedules, including a list of all courses offered and registration dates, are available online before the start of the term. Students must complete any required placement tests in the Testing Center prior to registration.

  • Enrollment in any 16-week course or courses that follow the typical semester schedule must be completed by the date designated prior to the start of the semester. Otherwise, only late-start classes may be available.
  • At the time of application, students are assigned a Success Coach based on the academic program chosen on their Admission Information Form. Students should meet with their Success Coach to develop goals, receive advice on course selection each semester, and learn what information a student can access on myRichland, and through other sources. New students are also enrolled in New Student Orientation.
  • Students must have their course registration form approved by a Success Coach or faculty advisor before registering, unless eligible to self-register.
  • Success Coaches are available throughout the year during posted hours. Students are encouraged to register early.
  • Under certain conditions students may register without seeing a coach. See the Student Success Center for more information.