2020-2021 Course Catalog

Foreign Language Course Placement

Students who have not studied a specific foreign language are to begin their college study with the course numbered 101. Students whose most recent prior study of the language occurred more than five years ago should also start their college study with the course numbered 101.

Students who have studied a specific foreign language in high school within the past five years are to begin their study at Richland with the course number determined by the earned quality points. Quality points are computed on the basis of full years of high school study and are assigned on the basis of the grade earned for each semester divided by two. (A = 4.00, B+ = 3.50, B = 3.00, C+ = 2.50, C = 2.00, D+ = 1.50, D = 1.00, F = 0)

Example: A student who studied a foreign language for one year and received an “A” for both semesters would have earned four quality points, (i.e., 4.00 + 4.00 = 8.00 divided by 2 = 4.00). Another student who completed one year with a “B” for one semester and an “A” for one semester would have earned three and one-half quality points (i.e., 4.00 + 3.00 = 7.00 divided by 2 = 3.50).

Earned Quality Points Start with Course Number
0 to 4 101
5 to 11 102
12 to 14 201
15 or more 202

Any person who wishes to register for a specific foreign language with course placement different from that shown above should consult with the Dean of Liberal Arts, Room C162, regarding appropriate placement.