2020-2021 Course Catalog

Professor Emeritus

The status of Professor Emeritus is granted to faculty who have demonstrated exemplary service over the course of their careers. This appointment recognizes the value that the College places on the experience, knowledge, and ability of its retiring/retired faculty. The following faculty met the criteria established by the College and were recommended by a committee of their peers.

2006 Professor Emeritus

Fred Ellis, Economics

Glen Freimuth, Earth Sciences

Dr. William Grieve, History

Dr. Madelyn Mihm, English and French

Dr. Jeanelle Norman, English

Lonn Pressnall, Speech and Drama

2007 Professor Emeritus

Karen Baird, Biology

Steven Dyer, Drafting, CAD, and Welding

Frank Weisenmeyer, Electronics

Jolene Wiegard, Office Technology

2009 Professor Emeritus

Ali D. Moshgi, Mathematics

2010 Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Cordulack, History

2011 Professor Emeritus

Carol Wood, Nursing

2013 Professor Emeritus

Diane Godin, Biology

M. Larry Klugman, Political Science

2015 Professor Emeritus

Jon Odell, Mathematics

2018 Professor Emeritus

Dr. Sean Gallagher, Spanish/English


2019 Professor Emeritus

Pixie Fennessey, Psychology/Sociology