2020-2021 Course Catalog

Administration, Faculty and Staff

Administrative Officers

Dr. Cristobal “Cris” Valdez, President

Dr. Isaac Zúñiga, Vice President of Student Success

Dr. Denise Crews, Vice President of Academic Services

Gregory E. Florian, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Joseph Feinstein, Chief Information Officer


Ellen Colbeck, Health Professions

Jessica Pickel, Liberal Arts

Andy Hynds, Mathematics, Science, and Business



Administration, Faculty & Staff Listing


Lashonda Anderson, Career and Transfer Specialist, Student Support Services/TRiO (BA, Eastern Illinois University)

Sally Anselmo, Director, Database Systems (BA, BS, Eastern Illinois University; MS, Illinois State University)

Dennis Arnold, Academy Class Coordinator, MCLETC (AA Lincoln Land Community College; Diploma, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety; Diploma, FBI National Academy)

Don Askins, Campus Police Officer

Steve Austin, Professor, History (BA, Brigham Young University; MA, Arizona State University)


Shelly Baldwin, Associate Professor, Nursing, Nursing Program Director (BSN, Millikin University; MSN, Walden University)

Aaron Barnett, Director. Cybersecurity Program (AAS, Richland Community College)

Taylor Barnett, Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development

Carrie Barrick, Math and Academic Specialist, Academic Success Center (BA, Millikin University)

Mike Bartimus, Maintenance (Certificate, Richland Community College; BA, Evangel College)

Gail Bauer, Professor, Reading (BA, MA, Southern Illinois University)

Jeffrey Benton, Maintenance II

Alex Berry, Director, Student Development/Title IX Coordinator (BA, Millikin University: MS, Western Illinois University)

Shannice Berry, Director, Enrollment Management (BS and MS, Northern Illinois University)

Robin Bollhorst, Director, Human Resources and Payroll (AS, Parkland College; BS, Illinois State University)

Faith Brenner, Professor, Information Technology (BS, MS, Illinois State University)

Rachel Brewer, Extension Site Coordinator, Student Success Center (BA, Augustana College)

Robert Brice, Director, Skilled Trades, Mathematics, Science, and Business Division (AA, Richland Community College; BS, Illinois State University)

Leanne Brooks, Director, Academic Success Center (BA, Anderson University; MS, Illinois State University; PhD, University of the Cumberlands)

Madonna Brown, Executive Secretary and Office Supervisor, President's Office (BA, Concordia College)

Scott Broyles, Director, Fitness Center (Certificate, Black Hawk College)

Seth Brozio, Highway Construction Careers Training Program Coordinator (AS, Richland Community College)

Gabriela Brunner, Student Success Coach (BA, Franklin & Marshall College; JD, Chicago-Kent College of Law)

Jody Burtnett, Director, Financial Aid and Veterans’ Affairs (BS, Millikin University; M.Ed, Sam Houston State University)


Matthew Cardinal, Assistant Professor, Radiography Program Director (AS, Richland Community College; BS, Millikin University; Ed M, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)

Courtney Carson, Executive Director, External Relations (BS, Aurora University; MDiv, Illinois Baptist College)

Sue Casey, Photo Lab Facilitator (AA, Richland Community College; BA University of Illinois-Springfield)

Prem Chandra, Financial Aid Specialist, Student Success (BA, MA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Brandon Clark, Instructor, Diesel Medium-Heavy Truck Technology (Nashville Auto Diesel College)

Joyce Clay, Professor, Nursing, (BSN, Illinois Wesleyan; MSN, University of Oklahoma)

Amy Cleary, Criminal Justice Coordinator (BA, Purdue University)

Ellen Colbeck, Dean, Health Professions Division (Certificate, School of Radiologic Technology; BA, EdM, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Elizabeth Conn, Literacy Specialist, Project Read Plus (AA, Richland Community College; BA, Millikin University)

Kailey Cooper, Food Service Supervisors, MCLETC (Certificate, Richland Community College)

Tricia Cordulack, Director, Scholarships and Alumni Relations, Richland Foundation (AA, Richland Community College; BS, Millikin University)

April Cramer, Accounting Technician, Student Receivables, Business Services (AA, Richland Community College)

Marcella Cremer, Assistant Professor, Mathematics (BS, M-Ed, University of Illinois)

Denise Crews, Vice President, Academic Services (BS, MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; EdD, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)

Megan Crowhurst, Literacy Specialist, Project Read Plus (BS, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; MS Illinois State University)

Tony Crystal, Assistant to the Dean, Health Professions (BS, MS, ScD, Ashwood University)

Ed Culp, Academy Class Coordinator, MCLETC (FBI National Academy)

Heather Cushing, Staff Accountant (BS, Millikin University)


Gavena Dahlman, Coordinator of Access Services, Learning Resources Center (AA, Richland Community College; BS, MS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Laura Dale, Administrative Information Systems Specialist (AAS, Richland Community College; BS, Millikin University)

John Daum, Professor, Engineering Technology (BS, University of Illinois; MBA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Angela Davis-Boehm, Operations Support Specialist (AS, Miami-Dade Community College)

Jeff Davison, Director, Adult Education (AS, Lincoln Land Community College; BS, MA Southern Illinois University)

Joseph Draeger, Instructor, Welding (Certificate, Daviess County Vocational School)

Srinivasan Durairaj, Professor, Biology (BS, MS, Bharathiar University; PhD, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India)


Terrianne Eller, Literacy Specialist, Project Read Plus (AAS, Richland Community College; BA, Lincoln Christian College)

Debbie Ellison, Foundation Information and Projects Coordinator

Lisa Eskew, Operations Coordinator, Workforce and Community Education Division (AAS, Richland Community College)

Annetta Evans, Administrative Assistant, Academic Success Center (AAS, Frontier Community College)

Karl Evans, Instructor, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (Certificate, Parkland College)


Jill Feinstein, Professor, Biology (BA, Knox College; MS, Northern Illinois University)

Joseph Feinstein, Chief Information Technology Officer (BA, Knox College)

Robert Fleck, Maintenance II (Certificate, Richland Community College)

Gregory E. Florian, Vice President of Finance and Administration (BS, Tulane University; MBA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Laquitta Ford, Program Director, Student Support Services/TRiO (AA, Richland Community College; BA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Krista Foxx, Creative Marketing Specialist I (BA, Elmhurst College)


Steven Gilbertz, Assistant Professor, Business (BS, MBA, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)

Nick Gorenz, CDL Training Coordinator

Louise Greene, Director of Library Services, Learning Resources Center (BA, University of the Pacific; MS, Texas A&M; MLS, University of Maryland, College Park)

Susan Grider, Professor, Radiography (AAS, College of Lake County; BSRS, Midwestern State University)

Robert K. Grindy, Professor, English (BA, California State University, Chico; MFA, Indiana University)

Gordon Gurley, Instructor, Biology (BS, MS, Andrews University; PhD, Western Michigan University)

Jacob Gulso, Solution Specialist, Student Success (BA, Eastern Illinois University)


Jody Hall, Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Veterans’ Affairs, Student Success (BA, Aurora University)

Curtis Happe, Professor, Automotive Technology (AAS, Columbia College, Lake of Ozarks, MO)

Richard Harmon, HPS, Associate Professor, Coordinator, Human Simulator (ADN, Carl Sandburg College; BSN, Olivet Nazarene University; MSN, Southern Illinois University; Doctor of Nursing, American Sentinel University)

Connie Hartman, Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic Services (AAS, Southern Illinois University)

Karen Hartman, Assistant Professor, Nursing (AAS, Lincoln Land Community College; MSN, Walden University)

Joy Harvey, Director, Technical Services (AAS, Richland Community College)

Jonathon Hawk, Maintenance II-Grounds (AAS, Richland Community College)

Evyonne Hawkins, Professor, Education and African-American Studies (AAS, AS, Richland Community College; BA, MA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Dean Hazen, Chief of Public Safety (AS, Kilian Community College; BLS, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Lizabeth Hernandez, Assistant Professor, AD Nursing (BA, BS, MSN, Millikin University)

Carol Hood, Associate Professor, Accounting (BA, Millikin University)

Lila Houston, Part-time Clinton Site Coordinator

Brenda Hubner, Instructor, Health Information Technology (RHIT, American Health Information Management Association)

Laurie Hughes, Professor, English (BS, Vanderbilt University; MA, PhD, University of Tennessee)

Andrew Hynds, Dean, Mathematics, Science, and Business Division (BS, Southern Illinois University; MS, Illinois State University: MS, Kaplan University)


Elizabeth A. Jackson, CPS, Online Support Specialist, (AAS, Richland Community College)

Patricia Jackson, Administrative Assistant, Mathematics, Science, and Business Division (AAS, Richland Community College)

Meredith Johnson-Palmer, Registrar, Student Success (AA, Richland Community College; BS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville; MBA, Benedictine University)

James D. Jones, Professor, Mathematics (AS, Richland Community College; BA, Eastern Illinois University; MA, Sangamon State University)

Kona Jones, Director, Online Learning, (BS, Eureka College; BS, MS, Illinois State University)


Rosemarie King, Professor, English (BA, College of Holy Cross; MA, Indiana University)

Crystal Kitchens, Professor, Office Technology (BS, Millikin University; MA, University of Illinois-Springfield)

Janilyn Kocher, Professor, History (AA, Olney Central College; BA, MA, Southern Illinois University)

Deanna Koenigs, Greenhouse and Small Farm Coordinator, Mathematics, Sciences, and Business Division (BA, Augustana College; MA, University of Illinois)

Louis Krahn, Housekeeping, Macon Country Law Enforcement Training Center (AAS, Richland Community College)


David Larrick, Associate Professor, Biology and Sequestration (BS, MS, Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State)

Katherine Lee, Professor, Surgical Technology Program Director, Surgical Technology (BS, Eastern Illinois University; MS, Eastern Illinois University)

Karen Lockhart, Student Success Coach and Perkins Grant Coordinator, Student Success (AS, Lake Land College; BA, University of Illinois)

Barry Long, Student Success Coach, Student Success (BA, Greenville College; MA, Tiffin University)

Susan Love, Literacy Specialist, Project Read Plus (BA, Cornerstone University)

Craig A. Lucas, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (BS, Colorado State University; MS, University of Cincinnati Medical College)

Laurie Lyon, Secretary, Adult Education


Judy Maloney, Professor, Nursing (BS, Illinois Wesleyan; MSN, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)

Lisa Manalisay, Transition Coordinator, Adult Education (BS, Eastern Illinois University)

Calvin Martin, Instructional Lab Facilitator, Manufacturing (AAS, Richland Community College; BS, Millikin University; PhD, Capella University)

Tara Mata, Accommodations Specialist, Academic Success Center (BS, Drake University)

Daniel McAlpine, Coordinator of Veterans’ Affairs (AA, Coastline Community College)

Kathryn McAlpine, Library Technical Assistant (AA, Richland Community College)

Lori McKenzie, Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts Division

Vicki McMahon, Instructor, Practical Nursing (BS, McKendree College; MSN, Southern Illinois University)

R. Kent Mears, Assistant Professor, Collision Repair Technology

Tammy Meinders, Housekeeping, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center

Julie Melton, Executive Director, Foundation and Development (BS, Indiana University; MNPA, North Park University)

Christopher Merli, Associate Professor, Chemistry (BA, University of Missouri-Columbia; MS, University of Missouri-St. Louis; PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)

Judy Miller, Assistant Professor, Basic Nurse Assistant Training (BS, Millikin University)

Justin Mills, Maintenance II (Certificate, HVAC Apprentice Technical Training)

Tiffany Mills, Student Account Specialist

Stacey Mooney, Literacy Assistant, Project Read Plus

Megan E. Moore, Controller (BS, Illinois State University; MBA, Benedictine University)

Jose Montines, Purchasing Coordinator, Business Services (BS, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba Phillipines)

Samuel Morrow, Director, Facilities (AAS, Lincoln Technical Institute)

Barbara Mosier, Administrative Assistant, Outdoor Exposition Center & Special Events, (AAS, Richland Community College)


Tiffany Nichols, Senior Human Resources Generalist (BA, MS, Marquette University; MS, Mount Mary University)


Brooke Oliver, Assistant Professor, Surgical Technology, (AAS, Richland Community College; BS, Millikin University; M Ed., Widener University)

Johnathan Oliver, Director, Workforce Development (BS, MBA, Murray State University)


Kristine Palmer, Professor, Sociology (AS, Richland Community College; BA, Sangamon State University; MS, Friends University)

Priscilla Palmer, Testing Specialist, Academic Success Center (BS, MS, SEd Eastern Illinois University, EdD, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)

Julie Pangrac, Program Coordinator, Project Read Plus (BA, University of Illinois)

Jessica Penny, Custodian, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center

Samuel Perryman, Network Support Administrator II, Facilities and Operations (AAS, Richland Community College)

Jennifer Peterson, Admissions Coordinator, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center

Jessica Pickel, Dean, Liberal Arts Division (BA, MEd, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)

Keldon Pigati, Technical Services Specialist II (AAS, Richland Community College)

Molly Ploessel, Surgical Technology Lab Facilitator, Health Professions (AAS, Richland Community College)

Lori Pumphrey, Payroll Coordinator (AS, Richland Community College)

Greg Pyles, Instructional Lab Facilitator, Biology/Chemistry (AS, Richland Community College)


Theresa Ragan, Solutions Specialist, Student Success (AS, Richland Community College)

Sara Richardson, Assistant Professor, Accounting/Office Technology (AS, Richland Community College; BS, MA, University of Illinois – Springfield)

Mary Ann Riedell, Associate Professor, Nursing (BSN, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; MSN, University of Phoenix)

Cathy Rivers, Student Support Services/TRiO Secretary (BA, Millikin University)

Beth Roach, Radiology Technology Facilitator (AS, Richland Community College)

Andrew Robinson, Solutions Specialist, Student Success (AAS, Richland Community College)

Gilbert Rocha, Professor, Art (BFA, MFA, Northern Illinois University)

Ryan Rogiers, Instructor, Culinary Arts (ACA, California Culinary Academy)

Deborah Rowley, Evening Test Proctor, Academic Success Center, Testing, (Certificate, Sparks Business College)

Paula Rudolph, Instructor, Nursing (AAS Richland Community College; BSN, Benedictine University)

Maureen L. Ruski, Assistant Professor, Business and Accounting (AS, Richland Community College; BA, University of Illinois-Springfield; MBA, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)


Thomas Schneider, Deputy Commander, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center (AAS, Lakeland College; BA, Eastern Illinois University)

Kelly Schoonover, Enrollment Success Coach, Student Success (AAS, Richland Community College; BS Greenville College)

Dean Schultz, Education Specialist, SSS/TRiO (BS, MS, Northern Illinois University)

Christopher Schmersahl, Associate Professor, English (BA, Southern Illinois University; MA, University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Barry Schwalbe, Program Coordinator, Workforce Development Division (AS, Richland Community College; BS, Eastern Illinois University; MBA, University of Illinois—Springfield)

Christopher Senger, Assistant Professor, Electronics Systems (BS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)

Don Shepard, Campus Police Officer

Jarmese Sherrod, Professor, English and Media (BA, Southern Illinois University; MS, Roosevelt University; PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago)

Steven Shields, Custodian

David Shiley, Outreach Coordinator, Agriculture Programs (BS, MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)

Nicholas Shook, Technical Services Specialist II

Allison Shuppara, Student Success Coach, Student Success (AA, Richland Community College; BA, Southern Illinois University)

Jason Smith, Associate Professor, Physics (BS, BA, Eastern Illinois University; MS, Indiana University)

Jess Smithers, Director, Agriculture (AS, Lincoln Land Community College; BS, MS University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Trevor Smith, Instructor, EMS Program Director (BS, Denison University; MA, Kent State University; EMT Certification)

Michelle Stephens, Associate Professor, Communication and Theatre (BA, University of Northern Iowa; MA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Carol Stokes, Associate Professor, Biology (AS, Richland Community College; BS, Eastern Illinois University; MS, University of Illinois-Springfield)

A. Scott Strater, Maintenance I – Utility

Sherry Strocher, Custodian

Michael Stubblefield, Food Service Manager (AAS, Richland Community College)

Scott Sullivan, Administrative Information Systems Specialist (AAS, Richland Community College)

Margaret Swaim, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources (AAS, Richland Community College)


Noah Tate, Student Success Coach (BS, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Terrence Taylor, Essentials Skills Facilitator

Clarice Thomas, Career and Completion Coach, Student Success (BA, MEd, Grand Valley State University; PhD, Georgia State University)

Brian Tucker, Director, Culinary Arts (BPS, Culinary Institute of America)

Joseph Tury, Creative Marketing Specialist (BAS, Robert Morris University)


James Udulutch, Instructor, Culinary Arts (BS, University of Wisconsin; AOS, Culinary Institute of America)

Teri Urbanowicz, Coordinator of Operations, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center


Cristobal Valdez, President (BA, University of Montana; MA, Eastern Washington University; EdD, Oregon State University)

Karen Vercellino, Associate Professor, Nursing (BS, University of Tennessee; BSN, Millikin University; MSN, University of Phoenix)


Mary Beth Wade, Professor, Psychology (BA, Johns Hopkins University; MA, PhD, University of Massachusetts)

Stefanie Walker, Food Service Supervisor, The Café (AAS, Richland Community College)

Rachel Walton, Instructor, Practical Nurse/Medical Assisting Program Director (BSN, Millikin University; MSNE, Benedictine University)

Elizabeth Wanless, Accounting Technician, Accounts Payable, Business Services

Diana Watts, Executive Administrative Assistant, Student Success

Susan Webster, Coordinator, Student Engagement (AAS, Richland Community College)

Peter Wetzel, Health Professions Retention Specialist, Adult Education (BS, Illinois State University; BSN, Millikin University; M Ed, Eastern Illinois University)

Travis White, Instructor, Mathematics (AA, AS, Danville Area Community College; BA, MA, Eastern Illinois University)

Tad Williams, Commander, Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center (BS, Illinois State University)

Kristina Wilson, Solutions Specialist, Student Success (AS, Richland Community College)

Tracy Withrow, Director, Marketing & Public Relations (BA, Western Illinois University)


Deborah Yaden, Professor, English (BA, MA, Illinois State University)

Traci Yates, Custodian


Stephanie Zimmerman, Administrative Information Systems Specialist (BS, Western Illinois University; MS, Illinois State University)

Teena Zindel-McWilliams, Director, Institutional and Academic Planning (BA, Eureka College)

Isaac Zúñiga, Vice President, Student Success (BA, Arizona State University; ME, Northern Arizona University; EdD, National Louis University)