2021-2022 Course Catalog

ENGL 101 Composition 1

is a basic course in college writing. Students write and revise essays using a variety of rhetorical methods. Through extensive writing and careful reading, students cultivate their ability to think critically and improve their ability to compose acceptable and effective academic papers. Special attention will be paid to persuasive writing. Student cannot receive IAI credit without receiving a "C" or better in the course. This course is applicable toward all certificates and degrees; group requirements include communications (credit hours 3.0, lecture hours 3.0). IAI:C1 900




one of the following: 1) 'C' or better in ENGL 090 and/or ENGL 097; 2) score of 40th percentile or above on ACT (English and Reading) or SAT (Verbal); 3) satisfactory scores on Richland's English and Reading Comprehension placement tests; or 4) evidence of equivalent competencies

Division and Department

Liberal Arts / Communications