2020-2021 Course Catalog

PHYS 153 Thermodynamics and Modern Physics

is the third semester of the laboratory courses designed for students who plan to major in the field of engineering, physics, or mathematics. It is a calculus-based study of the physical world, introducing students to such topics as optics, the nature and properties of light, reflection, refraction, lenses and optical instruments; temperature, transfer of heat, thermal properties of matter, and the laws of thermodynamics; atoms, electrons and protons, the structure of the atom and the nucleus, radioactive decay and an introduction to nuclear physics. This course is applicable toward all certificates and degrees; group requirements include natural science (AAS only); areas of concentration include general science, physics (credit hours 4.0, lecture hours 3.0, lab hours 2.0).




PHYS 152 or equivalent competencies and MATH 122 or concurrent enrollment

Division and Department

Math, Science & Business / Science