2020-2021 Course Catalog

MATH 221 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3

is a standard multivariable calculus course intended for students going into areas of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Topics covered include three-dimensional space, vectors and their operations, vector-valued functions, arc length, and curvature; partial derivatives with applications, tangent planes, directional derivatives, gradients, and optimization problems; multiple integrals with applications in rectangular, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates systems. The course concludes with vector calculus, line integrals, parametric surfaces, and their applications. This course is applicable toward all certificates and degrees; group requirements include mathematics; areas of concentration include mathematics, engineering (credit hours 4.0, lecture hours 4.0). IAI:M1 900-3, MTH 903




MATH 122 [grade of 'C' or higher] or equivalent competencies

Division and Department

Math, Science & Business / Mathematics