2020-2021 Course Catalog

Course Schedule

Credit Courses

Richland Community College offers two ways to find courses -- the Interactive Course Search and traditional Course Schedule documents. Both include the same important course information - including class times, location, prerequisites, etc. – the only difference is how the information is accessed. 

The Interactive Course Search allows users to perform a query to search for specific courses, based on a variety of criteria. These include searches based on course title, times, and faculty.

The Course Schedule is a set of several documents organized by course locations and delivery methods. After opening, users can easily search within each document by clicking “Ctrl-F”.

Non-Credit Courses 

Richland’s Workforce Development strives do the following:

  •  Prepare students for new careers by teaching them Essential Skills in addition to the Industrial Skills they need to be successful
  • Train individuals to step into the workforce upon completion of their program(s)
  • Provide a wide-range of courses for adults, teens, children, and seniors to build on interests or new skills

To view offerings and register for non-credit courses go to the Workforce Programs page at https://www.richland.edu/academics/workforce/