2021-2022 Course Catalog

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The HVAC&R Program is designed to prepare students for a career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Toward this end, the comprehensive curriculum blends “leading-edge” HVAC&R theory with a large amount of practical, hands-on experiences for the purpose of developing confident, professional HVAC&R technicians/installers. In addition, this program is ideal for existing technicians/installers who need a thorough review of HVAC&R fundamentals or experienced technicians/installers who would like a refresher course. This program has three primary Residential Heating & Air Conditioning, Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. Additionally, career-laddering certificates are offered in each of these areas.

This is a career and technical education program. Some of the courses may not transfer to four-year institutions.

Sample Job Titles

Commercial Heating & AC Technician, Residential Heating & AC Technician, Commercial Refrigeration Technician, Heating & AC Estimator, HVAC&R Counter Salesperson, HVAC&R Outside Salesperson.


Available Degrees and Certificates