2020-2021 Course Catalog

CCS 275 Advanced Sequestration Applications

examines all U.S. Dept. of Energy - National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Best Practices Manuals (BPMs), which have been developed for the design and implementation of large-scale field tests and commercial carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects. BPM lecture topics include classification of geologic formations, site selection, monitoring, public outreach, and risk analysis for CCUS projects. CO2 utilization, including terrestrial carbon sequestration, is also discussed. Laboratory exercises will include groundwater, soil, and atmospheric CO2 monitoring, seismic surveys, communications/public engagement, and group projects using Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Sequestration (IL ICCS) project data. This course is applicable toward all certificates and degrees; group requirements include natural science (AAS and ALS only) (credit hours 4.0, lecture hours 3.0, lab hours 2.0).




eligibility for ENGL 101

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Math, Science & Business / Engineering Technology